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Here you will find all our dishes with fish.

This category contains all sea food in the instantaneous preparation:

Brandade of cod instant ready, cod & Paella!

Sea-food There are 2 products.

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    $5.62 Available

    A nutritious meal to start well When you go for a long trip: think about freeze dried dishes. They will bring you vitamins and all the heat sensitive nutriments that you need to avoid tiredness. Ingredients: pasta 72,5% (GLUTEN), freeze-dried cooked SALMON 8,1% (FISH, SULPHITE, CELERY), freeze-dried vegetables 7,5% (CELERY), tomato sauce, salt, pepper.

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    $6.80 Available

    A smart mix of dried mashed potatoes with pieces of freeze dried fish, mashed potatoes fish pie is one of the best "Voyager" instant recipe. A lyophilized dish for "gourmands" :) Ingredients: dehydrated mashed potatoes 83% (MILK, SOYA), freeze-dried cooked COD 8,7% (FISH, MILK, SOYA, CELERY), fat (MILK), FISH stock (FISH, CELERY), salt, spices and aromatics.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items